by lgadmin

gaslighting america - The left's war on truth



Do you remember the feeling on the night of November 8, 2016? You know, the feeling when it became clear that it would be President Donald Trump for the next four years, not Madam President Hillary? I certainly do. After eight years of Barack Obama, the prospect of a Republican president, and a Trump presidency, was like the dawning of a new day after a storm, truly wiping the slate clean. America had a new start. It was about to be great again.

But as America celebrated, Democrats went right back to work ensuring President Trump would never reach his full potential. The result was an unprecedented campaign of sabotage from all sides – Hollywood, Higher Ed, the media, and even from within our own government. The Deep State understood all too well what was happening, and its denizens were going to do everything they could to derail the Trump Administration.  If this was not an active, coordinated coup, then it sure came as close as anything could.

The Left’s campaign to undermine America’s core values is nothing new, but what is going on today is more than the traditional partisan gamesmanship. This is a war for the identity of the country; one in which our cherished Western values like Christianity, individualism, and capitalism are literally being erased from our society before our very eyes.

How is the Left getting away with this cultural heist, in broad daylight no less? They are doing it by rewriting reality — our history, national security, news, rule of law, and the very language we use to communicate.