by lgadmin


America’s public schools have embarked on a course of indoctrination and political nonsense that completely ignores the basic facts of nature and to remove the parents from the decision-making processes of their own children.

Sadly, when we thought only local school boards were losing their minds, we now find that President Joe Biden is going to withhold school lunch funding until the schools agree to allow trans students to use the bathroom of their choice.

Do we really think it right for the Federal Government to wade into the sexuality issue of children?

Where in the Constitution does Joe Biden believe he gets this power and authority?

He doesn’t, but unless “We the People” stand up and say “Enough” our society will crumble from within as predicted by several of our historical adversaries.

We cannot let this happen. 

We must stand firm for our children and grandchildren, or their future will be one of heavy handed and abusive government. We know that once our freedoms are lost, we’ll never get them back. History is clear about this!

That’s why Liberty Guard has crafted the Parents Bill of Rights.


Liberty Guard’s Parents Bill of Rights is based on these principles:

  1. Parents have an absolute right to exclude any material from their children’s education, including but not limited to material of a sexual nature, anything including gender or sexuality, or any material teaching or inferring guilt or prejudice on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or skin color.

  1. All states and school districts must have a hotline where such questionable materials can be reported by parents.

  1. Decisions on faith, values, sexuality, or ethnic identity of minor children are firmly and exclusively the domain of parents; no government entity, including public schools, has any right whatsoever to teach these things to children without the parents’ explicit written consent.

  1. Parents must be warned of any school employee ever credibly accused of, or convicted of, sexual harassment, pedophilia, child porn, or other deviant behavior related to children; further, the parents must be given the chance to transfer their children to a class where there will be no contact with such person(s).

  1. No public school teacher is permitted to force their political preferences, political party, or political philosophy on their students.

  1. No public school teacher is permitted to discuss their sexual life or sex-related ideas with their students.

  1. No student will be in any way penalized or set apart for race, religion, skin color, gender, beliefs, vaccination status, or preference to wear a piece of medical equipment.

  1. No public employee, including school employee, will enforce any COVID vaccine mandate on a student.

  1. No public employee, including school employee, will enforce a mandate to wear personal protective equipment.

  1. All encounters of a sexual nature, including sex crimes committed on school property, will be reported to the parents in question, as well as to the school authorities.