Press Release: Liberty Guard Applauds Rand Paul on His Stand for the 4th Amendment

by Liberty Guard Author

(Atlanta, GA) – Liberty Guard stands with Rand Paul and his colleagues by thwarting the unwarranted interjection of government surveillance in our day-to-day lives. Through his liberty-minded efforts, the Senate of the United States let key provisions to expire May 31, 2015.
Per its expiration, the National Security Agency (NSA) ceased any bulk metadata collection at 7:44pm on Sunday. “Section 215” allowed the NSA to collect (and store) such data on Americans for 5 years. The second provision gave law enforcement entities the ability (and freedom) to wiretap suspected individuals in an all-encompassing effect. Without such a provision, a warrant is needed for each instance.
Bob Barr, Chairman of Liberty Guard, said, “the government cannot make fallacious connections between a “lone-wolf” suspect with terror groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban to substantiate investigations. We are excited that due to Senator Paul’s efforts, the Patriot Act has been terminated.”
Steven Thomas, President of Liberty Guard, added, “Even though the court system has told the President that the program in question is illegal, Barack Obama seems ambivalent.
As Ayn Rand has said: ‘The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.’ Rampant systematic breaches of the Fourth Amendment are justified by instilling fear amongst Americans and veiling its intentions under national security.”
Liberty Guard strongly stands with Senator Paul and what he is doing to lead the fight in the Congress to defend the Bill of Rights against many of those even in his own Party and great cost to himself. The status quo must be disrupted. As we’ve learned with the current Presidential administration, promises are moot if you later renege once elected.
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