Liberty Guard Opposes Funding for the REAL ID ACT

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Liberty Guard Opposes Funding for the REAL ID ACT



(Atlanta, GA) – Liberty Guard today announced its opposition to funding for the Real ID Act. .

The REAL ID Act gives broad latitude to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the power to add to the list of “official purposes” for which a compliant ID is required, “all authority to issue regulations, set standards, and issue grants” toward compliance, and the power to determine whether a state is in compliance with the Act.

Liberty Guard has joined more than one dozen organizations opposing California’s funding of this ill-conceived federal mandate.

Bob Barr, Chairman of Liberty Guard, commented, “The Read ID Act represents a massive federal overreach, that raises serious problems for individual privacy and principles of federalism.” The program, Barr also noted, “should, not be forced onto states, and I am proud to join with other organizations that support privacy and liberty, and oppose funding for Real ID implementation.”

About Liberty Guard:

Formed in 2009 by Bob Barr, and supported by over 150,000 Americans across the country, Liberty Guard is dedicated to restoring and strengthening liberty against intrusions by government at all levels; including taking action against TSA privacy intrusions and ObamaCare. Liberty Guard remains committed to identifying and supporting policy, candidates, and causes which champion liberty and return our country to constitutional principles.



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