Press Release: Liberty Guard Supports the Smarter Sentencing Act

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(Atlanta, GA) – Liberty Guard today announced its support for the Smarter Sentencing Act.
This piece of legislation attempts to give federal judges more discretion with certain non-violent drug offenses. As we’ve seen since 1980, the population in the federal prison system has increased by a staggering 769%

Federal Prison Population

The Bureau of Prisons has reported that they’re 30% over capacity. In lieu of increasing funding, Liberty Guard suggests the government should look at the current prison population; nearly 50% of its population is composed of nonviolent drug offenders. If implemented, the minimum mandatory sentencing requirements would no longer be the norm.

The antiquated drug laws cost taxpayers billions of dollars while acting as a detriment to the families of those convicted. Years (or decades) spent in prison reduce the quality of life of the affected families and stigmatize rehabilitated individuals who have duly gone through the system.

Liberty Guard questions whether harsh punishments including imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders yield increased public safety or rehabilitation for the drug addicted.

Bob Barr, Chairman of Liberty Guard, commented, “There is nothing as powerful as the status quo. But the status quo has failed. It has failed to solve the problem of drug addiction, has resulted in a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and does not reflect smart law enforcement.  We need to have smarter sentencing, not simply longer sentencing.  The Smarter Sentencing Act makes sense from a personal, a fiscal, and a law enforcement perspective.”

Steve Thomas, President of Liberty Guard, added, “We know drug sentencing laws target minorities disproportionately. They traditionally don’t have the financial means to hire legal representation. African Americans are more likely to be arrested for drug crimes committed while whites aren’t (for the very same crime); their incarceration rate is nearly 6 times that of whites. Basic fairness says that something has to change, and we are convinced this bill will help.”

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About Liberty Guard –
Formed in 2009 by Bob Barr, and supported by over 115,000 Americans across the country, Liberty Guard is dedicated to restoring and strengthening liberty against intrusions by government at all levels; including taking action against TSA privacy intrusions and ObamaCare. Liberty Guard remains committed to identifying and supporting policy, candidates, and causes which champion liberty and return our country to constitutional principles.

Steve Thomas

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